3 drills to better passing [videos]

Passing the ball is increasingly becoming a lost art. While coaching or watching games, I am constantly amazed at the number of turnovers caused in part by poor passing. Oftentimes, players do not seem to know the proper way to pass or even when to pass. Passing is just part of the problem when a turnover occurs. The player receiving the pass is also responsible for helping complete it. The receiver of the pass should always step to the ball! Below are a few videos from Beyond94Feet.com illustrating drills you can use to improve your passing.

Two-man meet the pass

Here’s a drill to get you in the habit of protecting the ball and stepping to the pass.

Two-person bounce pass

One of the fundamentals of passing is the bounce pass. Nothing beats repetition when learning how to develop a new skill. I always remind my players that a proper pass has “thumbs down and palms out”. The bounce pass is no different. Thumbs down and palms out: keep that in mind whether you are throwing a chest or bounce pass.

Passing to the post

Though the 3-point shot has become the offense of choice these days, passing or feeding the post is still a valuable tool for any offense that has a size advantage. The guards or wing men that have the proper angle to feed/pass to the post should always make sure to relocate after making the pass. Passing and standing is never the proper way to play. Coaches are always imploring their players to move, especially after they have passed to the post. If you like to score, moving after a pass is a great time to get open for the jump shot.

Below is a great drill for players to work on. Make sure to notice the ball fake and bounce pass before you relocate.

To become the complete player you will need to develop the proper passing techniques. Stay focused on the fundamentals and remember to make the first easy pass!