Introducing your virtual coach or assistant

Ged Doughton

GED DOUGHTON • UNC 1976-1979

I’m Ged Doughton, and welcome to First Easy Pass, your new home for basketball instruction and strategy.

Here at First Easy Pass, I work with players and coaches in a virtual setting to teach the fundamentals of basketball. As a player myself, I know that if my heart isn’t in it, my head won’t be either. So I start with the heart!

I have been involved in basketball one way or another for my entire life. I played at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from 1976-1979. I didn’t know it at the time, but I would become the last player to wear #23 before Michael Jordan…Yup, Michael Jordan. I like to think I warmed the number up for him.

After college I began coaching and haven’t stopped since. I now have over 35 years of experience in basketball coaching and have coached multiple players who went on to play Division 1 basketball.

I know that players and coaches sometimes need a little outside help from someone who can look at their team objectively. That is why I want to use technology to reach even more players and coaches across the world.

The resources to help you simplify the game

For coaches: Virtual assistant
Are you a middle school or recreation league basketball coach?

Have you tried many ways to improve your team, but just can’t seem to find the right combination?

Let First Easy Pass help you simplify the game. Work with a coach who has been immersed in basketball for over three decades and hasn’t lost a single drop of love for it.

As your virtual assistant, Ged will offer his objective expertise to help tackle whatever issues your team may face, including:

  • Time management
  • Parent interferences and conflict
  • Drill and practice strategies
  • Offense and defense techniques

Allow Ged to be your team’s advocate from afar. Via phone, email and teleconferencing, he is available to review your plays or game tapes and help pinpoint your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Get the support you need to improve your team’s playing and camaraderie.

For players: Individual coaching
Basketball hoop
Are you a basketball player looking to refine your skills?

Work with the guy who learned from the best. After playing at Carolina under Coach Smith, Ged has spent many years coaching and refining his technique. He offers a focused approach that goes back to the basics to help you develop into a more efficient player.

For those in the Charlotte area: Ged is available to work with you in person on the court. By teaching short, active and repetitive drills, his ultimate goal is to hand you the keys to both practicing and playing success.

For those outside of Charlotte: Ged is available on a consultant basis to discuss your playing strengths and weaknesses and to help you improve your game.

For businesses: Speaking engagements
Are you a business or organization looking for a great speaker?

As a businessman by day and a basketball coach by night, Ged is chock-full of applicable life lessons to bring to your work or athletic team. He capitalizes on the common thread between playing the game and living life, encouraging his listeners to stop complicating things and return to the basics.

Based in Charlotte, N.C., Ged is available to speak to business or athletic corporations both large and small.

Speaking topics:

  • Life skills learned from basketball
  • Experiences playing under Coach Smith at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • How basketball can be applied to build loyalty and teamwork
  • For new coaches: how to teach the game

Cost: First Easy Pass offers speaking engagements for everyone, from small teams to established corporations. Fill out the contact form and check “speaking engagements” to get a quote tailored to your needs.

Testimonials – Why Ged?

Ged was great during my first year as a middle school head coach. We got connected and began talking before my tryouts even began. During our first conversation, we spoke for about an hour, during which Ged broke down an offense for me that would help me take advantage of the bigs I had. He also gave me great advice when it came to dealing with player-and-parent issues. He kept communication open with me throughout my first season and would answer any questions that I brought to his attention. Without a doubt, I have to attribute some of my success during my first year to Ged.

Middle school coach

My son and his team were extremely lucky to have Ged agree to coach his AAU team last season. I say lucky because you would be hard-pressed to find someone of Ged’s caliber coaching eighth grade basketball. Ged has played basketball at one of the best programs in the country (North Carolina) for arguably the best coach ever, Dean Smith. However, that is not what makes him a great coach. What makes Ged a great coach is his ability to teach the game of basketball. My son has played AAU for many years with several different coaches and many talented kids, but Ged was the first coach to teach my son how to play basketball. Not necessarily how to shoot or pass (although he does that too) but how to see the game, see the floor, play without the ball, make the first easy pass and hustle on defense. Ged constantly taught “basketball IQ,” and he raised it in all of his players. I found myself wanting to stay during practice and listen because Ged’s knowledge of the game raised even my “basketball IQ.” Ged is also great at motivating the boys and instilling confidence in them. He made his team believe that if they played smart, they could beat teams with more talented players, and in fact, sometimes they did. As a parent, it is very gratifying to watch your child play to the very best of his ability because he wants to earn the respect of his coach. Our son has has a great respect for Ged as a coach and mentor, and he asked us if he could play for Ged again this year. If you want your child to be coached at a high level, work hard on both ends of the floor, and walk away with a better understanding of the game and how to play it, Ged is your coach.


I was privileged to have Ged as my 12u and 14u AAU coach. His attention to detail in teaching the fundamentals and team basketball would prove to be a huge part of my success as a basketball player and now as a coach and professional. Some accomplishments that I attribute in part to the foundation Ged provided me: 2 time All-State, 2 time state champ at Charlotte Latin | 2 time Big South Champ | 7th all-time on career three-pointers made list at UNCA | Head Varsity Coach at Davidson Day School and 13u Psb

Former player